so I heard this is CSS' most misunderstood property. I understand why.

It's not that I dont get what id does, it seems pretty straight forward, but I dont see when it would be useful.

some of my misconceptions:

1. thought it could lead to wasted bandwith, I thought it would be useful for cropping IMGs; isolating a single person in a group shot, etc. But since the clip property only applies to ABSOLUTELY position elements, it woudlnt work for something that NEEDS to be an inline image. \

2. Adjusting size and over flow of an element... BUT WAIT... why not just adjust the HEIGHT/WIDTH and set OVERFLOW: hidden. doesnt that doe exactly the same thing?

3. I would have hoped that it could be used to EXTEND something outside a contained element, when overflow is set to hidden, but it just doesnt seem to work.

so when is the clip property useful.. exactly?