Is there a way to display a COUNT of these Inner Joined records? Right now, my .NET Datalist is listing all of the records for this team; however, I just want it to count the number of records and then let me display the most recent TIME (my field is "fldDate") for the most recent CP reached.

"SELECT * FROM (tblEvents INNER JOIN (tblCategory INNER JOIN " & _
						 "tblRegistrationBasic ON [tblCategory].[CategoryID]=[tblRegistrationBasic].[CategoryID]) ON " & _
						 "[tblEvents].[EID]=[tblRegistrationBasic].[EventID]) INNER JOIN tblCPReached ON " & _
						 "[tblRegistrationBasic].[RID]=[tblCPReached].[Team] " & _
						 "WHERE tblEvents.EID=" & _
						 Request.QueryString("id") & " ORDER BY Chek DESC", objConn)