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There is white showing in the background I'm going to take a look at the image it could be because it was saved in JPEG/GIF that is causing it.
If you want it transparent then you will need to create a transparent png which means that there should be no background behind the image itself. It looks like you have a background behind the image. The shadows should be transparent with no colour behind until they are placed on the background of the page.

The base element is showing more or less ok so just do the same as you did there. I can't help you with slicing as that is your job.

It also looks like you still have the wrong path to the image e.g. url(/images.... Is that the correct path?

Alright, how do I get Style-ID:SideBar to have it placed behind the Style-ID:MainCol the entire image will be see but parts will fall behind it, and how come since it is a PNG-24 FireFox is not showing the transparency for that image ?
Well the transparency would be an option in your paint package. Which image are you talking about exactly?

I think I'd need to see the psd mock up again as I'm not sure what you want to accomplish here. If you want overlapping images then show behind other images then you either cut them out exactly as they should look and fix them exactly in place.

Or you make opaque images for everything and set the stacking contexts accordingly. Without a look at the end result it's hard to imagine what you want it to look like.

Not everything is possible and if it's possible it may not be feasible so you have to make sure what you want is workable and usable (I may copyright that sentence ) .