am having a bg-color problem with FF... I need to do what's in this mockup:

but of course the problem with CSS is that if you have a div that's not full of content the bg color does not fill the div.. I cannot do just borders for the right and left div, because one div will always be shorter than the other, so the borders will be uneven.. I thought I would put both divs on another div with a background-color, but FF does not put the background-color on the containing div (BIG FF flaw, in my view..)

please compare how this looks in FF with how it looks in IE..

then for the inner divs there is the problem that the background for the inner divs doesn't reach all the way to the bottom (to make it same height as div on the right..) man, what a mess.. THIS is one thing that would be so much simpler in tables, but I have to do without tables..

how can I solve this, please..

thank you..