We have an Intranet site that is using a combination of ASP and PHP scripts/extensions - it's a frankenstein site at the moment with no CMS. I've always been more comfortable with PHP so the new custom scripts I've created have been in PHP. The problem is, I'm being asked to use Sharepoint for more and more parts of the Intranet, and I know little about Sharepoint (but am excited to learn more since it looks like it's pretty powerful). It is probably a good idea since we're using IIS and Sharepoint can easily tie into Active Directory. And PHP is installed on the server and working fine. I'm just not sure how to maintain some of our custom PHP scripts while moving more of the Intranet to Sharepoint.

I suppose I could just keep the scripts separate (most of these scripts use forms which use email functions, pdf creation, and csv file updates - displaying data from those csv files on some pages). And though that would work for some of the scripts, there are a couple that I know will cause problems - specifically the pages that display data pulled from csv files stored on the server. I'm not sure how those would be handled, assuming the Intranet pages all use a Sharepoint template. The other PHP forms could go without using a common header/footer template, but that won't work in certain cases.

Anyone have feedback on how this might work? Also, my boss is asking if we'll need Sharepoint 3.0 or Server 2007. Any insight on which I should ask for?