I would like for my links to work the same way as this image below. Its basically a outline im trying to make for my site. All my images have this type of coding.

<img src="images/widget_plus.gif" id="Out1" class="Outline" style="cursor: hand" width="11" height="11">

What would i do to the link tag to make them work the same way. Here is the javascript. I tried making it a link like:
<a id="Out1" class="Outline" style="cursor: hand"> But that didnt work out too well. Any other ideas?

<script language="JavaScript">
function clickHandler() {
var targetid, srcElement, targetElement;
srcElement = window.event.srcElement;
if (srcElement.className == "Outline") {
targetid = srcElement.id + "d";
targetElement = document.all(targetid);
if (targetElement.style.display == "none") {
targetElement.style.display = "";
srcElement.src = "images/widget_minus.gif";
} else {
targetElement.style.display = "none";
srcElement.src = "images/widget_plus.gif";

document.onclick = clickHandler;


Full page source is located at http://projects.kfoolio.com/topics.php