I have developed a rather nice ColdFusion web service. When invoked from a CF client, it works beautifully. Now I am tasked with moving the client work over to VBScript for ASP. Yeah, yeah...I know, it's a ColdFusion forum. But please bear with me. I'm hoping that you'll all cut me some slack, since I am working with a ColdFusion web service here.

Here is an example <cfscript> block that nicely does the job of a Login:

MyServiceObj = CreateObject("webservice", "https://www.domainconcealed.com/MyService.cfc?WSDL");
ResponseXML = MyServiceObj.Login(Form.email, Form.pswd);
ResponseDoc = XmlParse(ResponseXML);

Now, I need to take EXACTLY what that <cfscript> block does in CF and port it to VBScript so that I can do the EXACT same thing from an ASP-based client. I need to invoke my CF web service, get the XML response, and parse it into a DOM object.

Is there anyone here who can point me in the right direction? I sure would appreciate it!