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    Complex SQL Subquery

    Code SQL:
    SELECT AS campaign_id, AS sponsor_id,
    	IF(campaigns.promotedUntil IS NULL, 0, IF(campaigns.promotedUntil > CURDATE(), 1, 0)) AS promotedRanking,
    	IF(campaigns.promotedUntil IS NULL, campaigns.max_cost_per_lead, 0) AS priceRank
    FROM `campaigns`
    RIGHT OUTER JOIN users_sponsors ON campaigns.uid =
    	users_sponsors.business_category = 8 AND
    	campaigns.paid = 1 AND
    		FROM `credit_cards`, `users_sponsors`
    			credit_cards.suid = AND = sponsor_id AND
    			`authorized` != '0000-00-00 00:00:00'
    		LIMIT 1
    	promotedRanking DESC,
    	priceRank DESC,
    	campaigns.date_added DESC
    LIMIT 5
    (Ignore the "magic number" 8 for the business_category...that's just a test)

    The fact that I've been able to get myself to create a query this complex is really surprising to me. I'm trying to gather sponsor campaigns from the database with certain conditions. First of all, if they've been manually "promoted," they need to appear at the top of the list. I also need to check if the campaign's sponsor's user account has a valid (authorized) credit card on file. As you can see in the subquery, I tried to use the "sponsor_id" from the main query, but that returns an error. I don't know of another way to do what I want, and hopefully someone here understands what I'm trying to do and has more knowledge than I do of subqueries, unions, groups, joins, etc... because my experience is minimal.

    I've also attached an sql file with each table's structure.

    Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
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