I have a web application based on mysql and the database structure keeps growing as new features are added. I would like to find an easy way of writing a documentation for my database. I'm not so much in need of a graphical representation or diagrams, I want to be able to describe some tables and fields with text. Do you have any practices to recommend? So far I have a few ideas (and questions) but I don't know if there isn't a better way:

* keep documentation in a html file and edit it with some wysiwyg editor like Kompozer. I could have one file for all tables or a separate file for each table - I don't know which would be better.

* document tables and fields in mysql schema itself, however sometimes I need a longer description and mysql comments are awkward

* use a dedicated software for documentation - can you recommend something? I'd prefer something free since I don't have high requirements

* to get me started I might use a program that would reverse-engineer table definitions in a readable file and then I could work on that. I know SQLYog can export an HTML file which I could later edit

Any ideas are welcome!