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    Absolute with percentage height in IE6

    I'm trying to achieve a very simple effect in IE6. Please view any of the examples below in any browser other than IE6 to see the desired effect. I've created 3 variations that all produce the same visual effect in browsers other than IE6.

    I can get this to work in IE6 if I set a fixed height that is larger than the natural content height on the gray div. To see this working, visit:

    Can anyone get this to work in IE6 _without_ setting a fixed height on the gray div?

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    Hi, IE6 won't let an absolute child use percentage heights unless the parent has a height set. There's no getting around that unless you want to cheat a bit

    You are only using 50% height but if you wnated to cover everything up you could set a height larger then you ever would need, and then hide the overflow with the parent
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