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    Baby steps beyond basic hello world for XUL please!

    I have followed several hello world XUL tutorials teaching you how to put hello world in various places like the FireFox status bar or a pop-up. But none of these tutorials teachers me the richness of things I see possible with XUL extensions and the books, now available, are all very old and consequently difficult to apply now. There is one exception to this the Sidepoint book "Build Your Own Firefox Extension" which is some help however it concludes with the conclusion that you should go beyond this booklet length book by reading the code of great extensions like the toolbar developer extension and this is beyond my ability. So I would really like a tutorial or two or even three that would be just a little more advanced than the very basic hello world XUL tutorials I have read so far. And it would be nice also if they could work in the latest version of Firefox or at least with not that much affectation. What would be ideal would be a Firefox extension tutorial that let you say hello world or hello what ever an option panel or any other little baby step beyond the very basic hello world Firefox extension tutorial. So what would you suggest? I really feel like I am in a chicken and egg dilemma as it seems impossible to learn how to write Firefox extensions without already knowing how.
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