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    Microsoft & PC Control


    The wonderful BillG has decided that you've needed a more secure PC for ages, and instead of writing a decent OS, they need to install a whole new load of hardware in your computer.

    What they're planning (with a little piece of software called Palladium and a nice smart black box) is to take total control of your pc.

    Now, they won't be telling you that you've lost control - what they'll be selling is the fact that your PC will be more secure from viruses and digital piracy.

    Now hang on for one cotton picking minute. My linux pc is more secure than my Win laptop, so why do I need all this extra stuff inside to protect me?

    And the reason is DRM - digital rights management.

    At the moment, you can pretty much burn anything you like and copy pretty much any file you like on your pc. But, with this new technology all that will go out the window. You will be able to share your music, however, if you've shared it with your mate, you won't be able to play it, until your mate gives it back to you (all virtual of course). However, you won't be able to get hold of that file, until you've paid for it.

    Remember the Pentium III argument, where every individual chip is identified easily - well imagine this as being 10 times worse - every piece of hardware will be identifiable (even your keyboard) and every file will be identifiable.

    You also won't be able to install any software that isn't recognised and trusted by the makers of this technology, which will prevent all the small time, but essential, programmers out there producing good software. Programs will have to be licensed by the new technology, which will have to be supported by a financial cost - meaning that the cost of software will go up also.

    Of course, I know some people out there will be quite pleased about all this - they've got nothing to lose or hide - have they?

    Well, kiss goodbye to your privacy - even now with XP, when you search your harddrive, XP attempts to connect to Microsofts servers - and this Palladium could do even worse - it would pretty much track all the activity on your PC to make sure that it's authorised activity.

    Don't believe me?

    Have a look at:


    to see the details.

    Honestly, if this kind of thing goes through, we'll all kiss goodbye to our freedom, and you'll be pretty much renting your PC from Microsoft and RCIAA.

    What should we do then?

    Whever possible, resist this new technology.

    Don't buy any hardware that is Palladium or DRM compatible - no matter what bonuses you are told about. If no one adopts the new technology and consumers resist it, then it won't ever get anywhere.

    Tell your friends and spread the word - digital freedom for all.

    Also visit the Electronic Freedom Frontier -

    If you don't act now, this whole ball game is gonna change.

    This technology will be Big Brother as George Orwell foresaw.

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    it would have been nice to credit the quote...or provide a link to the original article.
    anyway, been posted here before (well, sort of)
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    This is a good time for everyone to try linux....


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