Hi. I have a VPS and built a Joomla site for a client on an IP I wasn't using. I eventually needed the IP for another site, and now I am attempting to move the Joomla install to another IP on the same VPS.

I read up a bit, backed up all my files, & exported my Joomla db to an .sql file. Then I moved all the files to the new location. Everything is fine except the db. Using phpMyAdmin the only time I can see how to import a db is when I am in an existing db. So I create a db with the name of the Joomla one (abc). Then when I try to import the .sql file it says "db abc already exists".

Is there a way to just import into an existing db without creating one?? I'm not seeing that option. And the only time I even get the import option is when I am inside an existing db. I'm very confused as to how this is supposed to work.

Thanks in advance for any help.