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    Arrow CSS trouble - I think

    OK... I've been working on a demo of marrying two jQuery widgets that are really based on the same functionality. There's a few problems and I think it has to do with the CSS and not javascript. (??)

    I'm trying to embed tab sets in an accordion for each day of the week. There are two issues:

    1. After the first tab set, none show up. I currently have it in Tuesday and Wednesday.
    2. There is some default content that doesn't show up in the <div>. On Tuesday:
      <h2>Ajax page #3</h2>
                      <p>This doesn't show up -  Lor...
      and on Wednesday: nothing.

    I have the CSS in separate files for now, but can't pin down the trouble.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks guys.
    I get by with a little help from my friends...

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    It seems the javascript is replacing the H2 and P with other content.

    This is the problem with jQuery et al. Unless you understand the code (which I don't) you are stabbing in the dark.

    I suspect this thread would be better placed in the javascript forum.


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