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    Will IFRAME give appropriate credit for ad clicks?

    I have a question about the details of how HTML's "iframe" tag actually works.

    Background: My site will allow users to type in a URL, and the request will be sent to my server, which will send back two "divs" to the user (two windows on the page): one will be an iframe where src= the url they typed in (thus displaying the website, ads and all), the second window will be my "sentence diagramming/grammar analysis" display. I plan for the former to occupy most space on the page, with my window as a sidebar.

    Now my intention is to play nice and if users actually click on an ad on the target site, the owner of that site will actually get credit for the click. Will this happen if they are viewing the site through an iframe sent by my server?

    If not, then I fear I may encounter some legal issues down the road, and my alternative would be to open either their site or my analysis tool in a separate window. This would work, but would be far less elegant.

    I'm not asking about the legal issues here (although if anyone has thoughts I'd be happy to hear them), but technically, will the target site get credit for ad clicks through the iframe tag?



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    The ads will be credited to whoever's ad account code is used to display the ads. The only difference placing ads in an iframe might make is where the ads are context sensitive there is no content for them to use to work out what ad to display (since the ad code can't see outside the iframe) and so irrelevant ads will display.
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