My apologies if I have not taken the time to do a search. Just very limited on time right now and am VERY TIRED of being the victim to all these hackers and nosy people who want to keep tabs on you on these open networks.

I have recently been the victim of an attack at a 'shady' criminal element type coffee shop. Very new to internet security but have been looking into ways to stay safe and also ways to surf without people watching me.

In my research I have come down to these 3 ways to stay anonymous and safe on public networks: VPN, Proxy and Tor. What is my best option? I heard Tor was good but it doesn't protect you on the client side server. I was than referred to "Identity Cloaker". It is a pay service (which is fine if it is all it says it is) and claims better security than Tor and faster internet speeds.

Than I hear about a VPN and how it is essential in network security against intruders and anonymous surfing. All this has just made me more confused.

Here is the bottom line: I want to surf the internet anonymously without a trace and also not allow these hackers and criminals ease of access to my computer since most of my web browsing is done in coffee shops etc AND I want it to be at a decent speed. Not a 28 baud modem speed.

I would prefer NOT to pay but if paying will give me what I want safely and easily I do not mind at all paying for the peace of mind. So what do the pros reccomend? Thanks in advance!