Hi All,

Yet another problem with CSS positinong
Here's the problem, I've simplified the page and included css in the html to make it easier to debug. http://zvis.com/wrk/divpb.htm

I have container div, and 2 divs inside of it. The right div dRight is having a problem in NN6 and mozilla 1. The problem is that even though I specify top:50% that thing is glued to the top of the parent div. In IE6 that works, but not here.

Here's the code for dRight:
.dRight {width:40%;position:relative;top:50%;left:60%;margin-bottom:13em;padding-right:3px;border:#f00 solid 1px;text-align:right;}

The workaround is that if I use non percent value for the top, such as em or px, then it works, but not for percents, which I assume is preferable? Any ideas what is wrong with this code?

I've tried to use vertical-align:bottom; but all of the browsers totaly ignore it

P.S. That em thingy, it is device/resolution dependant right?

P.P.S. The page won't look ok in IE6 as is, obviously few marings and offsets have to be different, otherwise it wouldn't be that interesting.