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    Question IIS on Win XP Home Edition - HELP!

    Hello fellow Site Pointers...

    Some time ago I posted a topic about the ability to run IIS personal web server on my Win XP Home Edition machine.

    I was told that there is not any way of doing this and to use Apache. I would like to begin "tinkering" with ASP and wish to do so on my local machine.

    After endless searching I found an article from an article about a "way" to install IIS on Win XP Home Edition (pasted below).

    My question is this...

    Will the following work AND... is there any way to simplify the instructions shown below so I don't screw this up and are there the necessary files on my computer already to be able to accomplish this feat?

    Any clarification is always appreciated!


    --------------------------------- article below ----------

    Philippe Asks:

    I have now replaced my machine with a Windows XP Home Edition PC, which does not include PWS or any equivalent server product. Which server could I run on XP HE? I heard of Apache, but I do not know if it runs on XP HE or if it even supports ASP.

    15Seconds DL Responds:

    Editor's note: this is not a supported or tested solution. Attempt at your own risk. (see MSKB: Q304197).

    To quote

    "General HOWTO for running IIS in Windows XP Home Edition.
    by Richard Sandoz - Certified Java Programmer

    (1) locate and edit the file C:\WINDOWS\INF\SYSOC.INF

    (2) locate a section called [Components]

    (3) find a line like this:

    (4) change it to this (the iis cab in the i386 xp home folder looks to be nothing) iis=iis2.dll,OcEntry,iis2.inf,,7

    (some sort of ms caching thing keeps sticking back iis.dll when I try to nuke it. quickly renaming and making hidden dir called iis.dll seems to thwart, but not worth it, so iis2.dll is good enough)

    (5) I grabbed the iis.dl_ and iis.in_ from win2k advanced server cd.

    I would guess similar techniques would work from W98, FP, etc. Use "EXPAND IIS.DL_ IIS2.DLL" from a command prompt Same for IIS2.INF, place IIS2.INF in C:\WINDOWS\INF and IIS2.DLL in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SETUP

    (6) Now when I did "add windows programs" from the control panel's add new programs, I had IIS options and I could even check em off. yippee - could not check em off from my xppro cd ((

    I just went with the defaulted ones though (all i needed was iis web server)

    (7) It will prompt you for files. Get em from MS XP Home CDs, Adv Server CDs, C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\INETSRV, C:\WINDOWS\I386, etc. (It will tell you the file it needs, you just need to have a searcher going, probably the CDs will have all you need)

    (8) You can get to your IIS from Control Panel's Administrative Programs. I stuck in an index.html file and reconfigure IIS to work like this.
    No go ((
    I right clicked on my inetpub folder and did something with shared folders.
    No go ((
    I looked at the event viewer and saw the error of my ways. Go to IIS and goto Directory Security tab and click Edit button and Browse for the user setup on my laptop.

    (9) Yippee, hello world from http://localhost

    I won't support this solution unless paid to. I am an out of work developer looking for work.

    I bought a Toshiba 5005 laptop which came with XP home. I then bought Win XP Professional. I have bunches of CDs from when I was a MSDN subscriber. From a general search on the internet I found contradictions.

    Microsoft says you need professional XP to do IIS period. q310090 was yanked from their site which had the "workaround" for this.

    When I tried to setup XP upgrade to pro, my laptop rebooted and hung on an xp logo with an animated graphic. I have verified this to be the case with others as well. Upgrading to xp pro isn't an option for this laptop."

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    choazart, for security issues, I'd still suggest you download apache and install it.

    Though it is only a home computer, you never know who is scanning what ip range for what purposes.

    Apache is still very eay to set up and I'm sure there is plenty of help for you here in case you fail do install it correctly.

    this might help:

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    just to clarify: apache will not run ASP (out of the box anyway). you can buy add-ons (ChiliSoft's solution is the most mature, i think). it depends on what exactly you mean by ASP...i've seen that you can get a perl/asp solution for apache for free (not tried it, but presumably it means you can sprinkle perl code in your documents and get them executed on the server side...but then again, wouldn't mod_perl do that ?)
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    ...and to add o the pro-Apache mindset, Apache 2 is now out and the Windows version was MADE for Windows and not simply ported from Linux. That means its fast and efficient on Windows too. I'm running it at home on my XP Home machine.

    Aaron Brazell


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