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    anyone had great service recently???

    Just wanting to see how many of you SPF'ers have received great customer service recently. we are all to quick to get angry and flame companies but no one every says when they have good or great experiences with companies.

    So lets post any really good customer service experinces you've had recently stating the company and the experinence you had with them.

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    I got some good customer support recently.

    You see, I was angry at a company because the movies on a cover DVD on the magazine I bought wouldn't play - even though I had up to date software.

    I had bought the magazine because I noticed that the cover DVD had these short films on it.

    I got a reply about 24 hours later, by a friendly person who told me it was a known problem and offered me a free copy of the August issue, delivered to my house, in which the problem is fixed. It comes out in a month. I look forward to it.

    That was great support and I was very happy.
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