I've been pushed into handling a couple of issues and am in need of some assistance.

I'm attempting to create a query in Access to combine 2 fields of a record. Additionally I need to take that value and return the most recent record for that value (as well as list the records for each other unique value).

I've taken a few cracks at it but I'm missing something. I initially used this post as reference: Combining Fields and tried to crank through it but I'm stuck.

Here's my current attempt:
SELECT ReportData.SubDate, ReportData.VendorCode, ReportData.VendorName, ReportData.Contract & "_" & ReportData.Release AS ContractRelease, ReportData.MngHeadCount, ReportData.BusHeadcount, ReportData.AdminHeadcount
FROM ReportData INNER JOIN (SELECT ReportData.ContractRelease, Max(SubDate) AS LastDate 
FROM ReportData GROUP BY ReportData.ContractRelease)  AS B 
ON (ReportData.ContractRelease=B.ContractRelease) AND (ReportData.SubDate=B.LastDate)
ORDER BY ReportData.ContractRelease;
Fields and Data Types:

All Headcount Fields=Number(Double)

Thanks for any help!