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    Freeserve inline proxy server - Bypass

    One of my admins at my site has just changed from Freeserve dialup to Freeserve ADSL...Since the change over she is suffernig great problems reading most websites.

    She has to refresh the page once it says "Done" in the status bar....The page comes in blank and view source rveals no code at all....

    We have done the usual tricks of removing any proxy settings from the browser and also changed the lan settings all to no avail....

    From sources on the net we have determined that this is a documented fault with some of Freeserves proxy servers but the proxy server is "inline" and cannot be bypassed using IEs' controls...

    Is anyone aware of any means by which we can bypass the proxy servers at freeserve?????

    Any software or tweaks we can attempt to rectify this...Freeserve are shrugging their shoulders and blaming pc settings but as I say it is a documented problem...

    Any help appreciated


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    Sorry, we cannot allow the discussion of reverse engineering, cracking or modifying their code. Nor can we allow the discussion of anything that may be against their AUP. You will have to contact Freeserve on how to accomplish this.
    Wayne Luke


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