I'll be the first to admit that I've done some horrific things with nested tables in my day. They make the site look good when rendered, but are frightening when you dig through the code.

Usually, I only begin to have qualms if I'm nesting two levels deep (a table in a table in a table), and after that I sit back and take another look at the problem before adding another level.

My somtimes excessive nesting is caused by a need for greater white space; one table is using rows as separating space, another has to be at 0 cell padding/spacing because of backgrounds, but an inner table needs that extra room for text.

I know I should be using CSS for more of the spacing, but I'm concerned about things looking right in NS 4.x.x... and occasionally I care about what Opera users see.

So how far into the depths of the table do you guys go before you start to tweak out?