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    Bgcolor on images

    I'm using a background-color: in a:hover for my links. The problem is, it also displays a background color on transparent images which are links. How can I prevent the images showing a bgcolor when they're links?

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    Wow, I didn't know that could happen. Sounds like something to be used for evil... like blink...

    It's a hack, but you could just include the image in a different hyperlink tag that still points to the same place, but doesn't have the style.

    If you've redefined all the links on your site to have that style, you could create something like
    a:hover.nobg { background-color: transparent }
    in a stylesheet section , then apply that class to the link tag around the image. Once again, you'll have to have separate links around the image and text.

    If you could post some of your code, that would also help.

    Good luck!
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