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    Having a mysql problem- not sure

    Here is the background:
    I have two sites which have identical code. With no changes to the code, and three successful transactions on the site since the last update, I am now getting an error on only one of the sites. There is a calendar that is "linked" to the db and the first indication of something wrong was that all the dates turned back to black (they are red when someone makes a reservation). I manually input a reservation and it seems like that is when the problems started. There is an updated cpanel (Accelerated version). I've done lots of these manual "reservations" (adding a record) and never a problem. This is the first one I didn't check before and after on (just my bad luck).

    I've attached a pic of both dbs table structure. One works perfectly and one does not. I don't want to touch the php code because it's the same on both sites. As you can see, there are some minor differences to the mysql tables. Can anyone tell me by glancing at this if it is the mysql causing my problem?
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