I've been coding in a Perl for the last while coming from a PHP background and all I can say is ick! Dealing with Perl variable scope and declarations is no fun at all.

It gets especially messy! when you start trying to use "packages".
use mypackage;

The namespaces get out of control and it seems you have to delcare variables all over the place over and and over.
Maybe because I'm using strict and warnings?

my var;

sub goHome {
my ($passed) = @_;
print "$passed";
sub doSomething {
&goHome("$var eeek");

Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at

Perhaps I'm just not use to the convention or something but I'm not enjoying Perl at all. I'm considering rewriting the entire app in Python since I think it's a bit more PHP guy friendly.