Hi Everyone.
My business is in desperate need of some good web-based project management software. We are a small web development studio, with 6 staff all in the same office.

Before the suggestions start flying: we've used Basecamp, ActionMethod and a long time ago a free one called NetOffice. None have addressed our needs.

Basically what we are looking for is - other than the obvious features - something that can achieve the following,
  • Able to assign costs to project so we can see how much each project is valued at (as this is important for judging priorities)
  • And be able to provide an overview/list of all projects in the system - really important when we have a WIP meeting so we can see what we have on and whats coming up.
  • Be able to track projects ALL the way through the cycle: quote, project, completion,invoicing,paid,closed.
  • projects broken up into milestones
  • client management (projects will be assigned a client)
  • multiple users (logins for separate users of the team) and ability to view schedule of each user - see what they are/should be working on.
  • keep track of changed - e.g. when the scope of a project changes it needs to be noted so can be charged for at the end.
  • Be a place we enter ALL projects, including quotes. its important to track quotes so you can see how much business you are getting versus winning, but also for follow up purposes - some quotes may be accepted and move to the project stage but others may be rejected.
  • Archive completed projects

We've spent a lot of time researching different online tools and thought it was time for an expert opinion from the sitepoint community.

Hope you can help.