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    css problem...or not?

    Ok, so I have a site that is displaying just fine on IE 6, but when viewed on IE 5 on the Mac and Netscape 4 on the PC,(and possibly others), it gets a bit muffed up. The primary problem is just that any break in text in the code comes out garbled on the actual displayed page. For example, the following code:


    comes out looking like THIS on IE 6,
    "UCM History"

    while on Netscape 4, it looks like this:


    what's the deal? Is there some way to clean up the code breaks quickly and easily in DreamWeaver MX?

    Thanks in advance....

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    Firstly, I tested your two-line version...


    ...and it renders as one line (UCM History) on NN4.7 Mac *and* IE 5.1 Mac.
    I'm not sure how it came to be a problem when you tested it, but it still works fine for me.

    Perhaps the example you gave was an over simplification, but if it wasn't, then the solution (if actually needed) really is simple.

    It shouldn't make much of a difference (see above), but if you *don't* want the text line to break then why not simply put the text on a single line.

    <p>UCM History</p>

    If the code is on one line then there is no reason for the browser to render a linebreak, either on purpose or by mistake.

    If you *do* want the text to break, use the <br /> tag.

    <p>UCM <br />
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