Hi all

I have developed ecommerce sites for customers before, but this customer wants something different.

Ideally they want to take the order, including payment details and process the payment themselves through their MOTO terminal in house before dispatch.

My initial thoughts said this is not possible, however, reading this article has left my with confusion.

Deferred processing allows you to use POS (Point Of Sale) software or terminals to handle transactions manually, over the Internet, or by Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO). However, a disadvantage of deferred processing is that you must securely download your orders, which requires daily attention on your behalf. It also means that, until you download your orders, they'll be stored on the server - you must ensure that they're encrypted, so that no unauthorized parties can make sense of the information, even if they do gain access to it.
This makes it clear that it is an option. The article also states that you would have to mark the transaction with an ECI flag on the terminal and use adress verification or risk further charges.

So my question is, is this an allowed method?

Maybe different in different countries, but we are in the UK.

And also, do any of the popular shopping cart solutions support this method?

CS Cart claims to have:
A Full list of offline payment methods: Checks, purchase orders, phone orders and others
I have spoken with SagePay, who I have customers with on other sites and they suggest marking each trasaction as DEFERRED then bulk processing all deferred trasactions before sending goods out. The seller will then never see the payment details.

The crux of the matter is that the customer will pay less in comission if they do it all in house.

Any suggestions on this matter greatly appreciated.