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    Question regarding linking to pages on your website.

    Hello everyone. My question involves how best to link to a page on your own website. I am in the process of developing my first website and from what I understand, Google differentiates between two different URLs that lead to the same page. That is, pagerank is given not to the page itself, but to the URLs. First of all, is this the case? If so, what is the best URL structure to use if we are to be consistent and stick with one URL.

    For example:

    Do we use the URL that would most likely be used when other people link to our page? I would assume that would be www,domain,com/directory.

    Also, I've been writing my URLs with http:// in front of them and I imagine that more often than not, it will not be included when other people are linking to the page. The same goes with using www,domain,com or just domain,com

    Finally, I have pages on my website that are split into "pages" themselves using php and query strings. From the home page, I link to page 1 of a section using www,domain,com/section-name/index,html because if a page value is not set in the URL, then it defaults to page 1. However, if I'm linking from page 2, the URL is www,domain,com/section-name/index,html?page=1 I realize that this is easily fixed. I could change them to be consistent with each other, but I'm also thinking that a lot of people would link to the page using www,domain,com/section-name

    I look forward to hearing any advice anyone has to offer. Thank you.

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    A couple of things, - is indeed not a directory but a page, when adding the trailing slash - - it is the same as or index.php (exceptions apply, but I'm not going into that much detail here) - basically never use index.html in your links.

    http:// - you have to use http:// when linking to pages on other domains, otherwise it's assumed that you're staying within your own domain.

    www. or not www: read through - particularly check out the post with title "Make your site Class B".

    index.php?page=1 - learn how to get clean URLs using the Rewrite stuff just mentioned above, see here for example:
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