Hi All,

I am looking for help from experts, eventhough the solution for my query might be simple.

I have 3 queries to display latest news

Query 1. Select latest 1 record to show the bigger thumbnail.
Query 2 Select the second and third record in the query to show smaller than image in the query 1.

Third query is to show 10 results from the rest of the date from db. But since the second query returns 2 results, I am not able to pass the id to a variable and compare that in the query like I am able to do for the second query where I need to compare only one record, but second query return return 2 results.

So I like to write a query which omit first 3 records in the database and return the remining 10 results from the news list database.

Could some one help me on this...

Thanks in advance