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Thread: HTML5 and SEO

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    Post HTML5 and SEO

    Hey Guys.

    I've been looking more and more into HTML5 and, if IE is hacked enough, HTML5 can be implemented across all modern browsers.

    My question is that how does HTML5 affect SEO? Does it really change anything. I figure that there are about twenty new tags so would a Search Engine Spider be able to understand the new HTML5 tags?
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    It's a good question... though I'm not really sure to be honest, I think one area it may affect SEO is in the use of headings (and how they change in HTML5 - where you don't need numbers to act in a hierarchy). I have not heard either way if Google's search terms make use of HTML5's new element's but they do tend to be pretty fast to adopt modern standards, especially considering Wave uses HTML5. For the moment though I would be cautious when it comes to using new element's as there is the potential for it affecting the semantic value factored in search engines.


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