Hi All!

As I described in the title of this thread, I want to run 2 websites on my Virtual Private Server with a single IP address.

I'm not an Apache expert so I googled this issue and have read several tutorials and howto's, including Apache's

My configuration :
- Webmin 1.470
- Apache 2.2.8 on Ubuntu Server 8.04.2

What I've done so far :
- I set up the two nameservers ns1.myhostingcompany.com and ns2.myhostingcompany.com at my registrar
- I created a virtual server at Apache Webserver (Address : Any, Port : Any, Server name : mydomain.com, Document roort : /my_root_to_the_HTML_files ) and edited Global configuration for Apache :
<Directory "/my_root_to_the_HTML_files">
    Options FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride All
Restarted Apache and I knew it won't work... Maybe that was my main mistake....

Anyway, I would appreciate if someone could help me out, before I decide to hire an Apache Server administrator to do this 10 mins job (just an assume....)

Thank you advanced.
Best wishes!