Hi guys,
I have a very strange issue that I need some help with.

I have a mac running 10.6 and I have MySQL 5.1 set up on it. (THAT was a joy to set up). Everything was running fine when I set it up. A couple of weeks go by and I go to start up a site on my machine and it throws a database error telling me it can't connect. OK, that's strange. I try to log into the DB using phpMyAdmin, and that throws an error say it can't log me in as root and that mySQL isn't started or there is an issue with .sock file.

I go to the terminal and try to log into mysql with my root username and password and....everything works! I'm able to log in, create a new database, users and whatever I want to do. So, that's fine, I don't necessarily need phpMyAdmin, but my sites still won't connect locally.

Has anyone had an issue like this? I'm not even sure where to start to look.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.