I'm trying to extract info from one column of my database, from some rows only. I'm getting the correct information, but I'm getting it twice, in an array, as shown below:
$emailquery = "SELECT email FROM accommodations WHERE accn_id = 2073 OR accn_id = 2066 OR accn_id = 2075 OR accn_id = 2043 OR accn_id = 2003";
...[connect to database]...
$emailresult = mysqli_query($link, $emailquery);
	while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($emailresult)) {
		$emails[] = $row;
		echo "<br />\n";
		print_r ($row);
This prints: Array ( [0] => fred@example.com [email] => fred@example.com)
I expected the contents of $row to be an e-mail address ('fred@example.com'), instead it's an array as above and I get a similar array (different e-mail address, of course) for each of the (five) rows returned.

I can extract what I want from $row[0] (or $row['email']), but why is the data returned in this form ?

Some books I have lead me to think this may in fact be normal MySQL behaviour, but if so can someone tell me why it's done this way, please.