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    Wordpress MU question

    Does anyone know how to use WordPress MU? I just started using it, and although the main blog/site has installed fine and I have been adding content and things seem ok, I am having difficulty setting up a subdomain (another blog on the same website)...

    Basically, my website is here...
    ... and that is ok, it has news like I planned

    Then, I created a blog using the "Site Admin" in the WP admin area (down the left)...
    ... but now I'm stuck, what now?

    Every time I try to visit the new blog ( it just redirects me to the admin area... I'm confused... basically, the blog does not exist on the web, but in the admin area, it does exist... or something...

    I think I need to create a separate folder for the blog within the web space – I have no idea... I'd like to learn this as I would like to give contributors their own blog space (own subdomain and admin area)...

    If you know, I'd appreciate some pointers... Thanks in advance
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