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    Site cost - NEED HELP PLEASE!!!

    Hey Everyone - I am completely new to this forum, so I hope I am not violating any rules by asking this question. I have been asked to create a website for a medium sized business, and have absolutely NO idea what to charge. This is the first website that I will have designed for a client. Can you all help me determine a price?

    MY EXPERIENCE - I have never been to school for web design or any design for that matter. I have built 5-6 websites, including a large e-commerce website for a family member of about 400 pages, however all the experience I have is from creation of my own personal sites, until now. Im located in Peoria, ILLINOIS

    WHAT I KNOW - The company is on a budget and hiring me because they know I am experienced, but do not have the formal skill set that students or professionals would have. So I know they expect my quote to come in lower. They want this quoted AS A JOB. Not hourly. However my intention is to figure out how many hours I think I need to complete the job and multiply it by an hourly rate to end up with an overall job cost. This is a ground up design, NOT a redesign.

    - HTML, CSS, JAVA Script coding.
    - The site will be roughly 60 pages.
    - It will utilize a CMS.
    - 3 initial layout options to choose from
    - 6 custom company logo options to choose from (I have been asked to create the new company logos from the client)
    - 40 images of royalty- free stock images
    - Custom editing of website images and 2 revisions to each custom edited photo (Photoshop editing)
    - Some custom graphic work (estimated at about 15 hours)
    - 9 meetings with the client to discuss project, plan, implement, discuss content etc.
    - Light SEO including search engine submission, Naturalized SEO, and other simple SEO techniques
    - 4 week free maintenance period for problems pertaining to code only.

    Because I have so much to learn regarding this site, and because it is rather large, I have estimated it to take me around 250 hours. Does that sound ridiculous!?!

    I need so much help! I dont want to sell my soul and way undercut myself, but I dont want to be overpriced for my skill set either. CAN YOU GUYS HELP!!??? Give me an idea of what you think is a reasonable amount for this job?

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    Welcome to Sitepoint!

    I'd say 250 hours is fairly reasonable for such a project, considering everything you have on your list and your experience level. Put that into real time and that's a shade over 2 months work @ 40 hours per week - not unusual for this sort of project. Someone with more experience would probably take less time but will likely be charging $50+ per hour.

    Lets look at costs:

    1. Your time
    250 hours @ $10/hour = £2500
    - and $10 is very cheap for the sort of work you're doing!

    2. Other costs
    40 stock images could set you back a few hundred at least so add that to the bill
    Cost for CMS licence, installation and setup
    Meetings with clients - your travel costs

    Add that all up and you'll reach the $3000+ mark.

    This is only a broad overview!


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