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    Question cURL and browser session cookies

    Is there a way for cURL to work with my browser session cookie?

    For example. I have a CMS and a ecommerce site under the same domain.
    1. I am visiting my store site (ecommerce) and it starts a session.
    2. The session ID is captured in a browser cookie.
    3. I would log in using a custom script that uses cURL to log into both systems.
    4. On the CMS, no problems, it is a new session.
    5. On the shopping cart, it has to retain my browser session to retain my shopping cart items added while I was not yet signed in.
    6. Once logged in through the system interfaces, the session will be returned to me
    Any comment is appreciated!
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    In general, there is no use for the curl in the same domain.
    You can access same session in both CMS and ecommerce.


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