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    Exchange and iPhones


    I have two Exchange servers.. At different companies
    I want an iPhone, because they're nice

    Can I have two Exchange accounts on the same phone?
    Also, I have a Windows Mobile, and it's an absolute pain. I have problems with SSL Certificates all the time and I can't have multiple accounts... Do iPhones work better with Exchange (for some reason)?

    Thank you!

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    Hmm, honestly never tried. Walking through the UI on my touch, I think it might be possible, at least for Mail. But contacts/calendar might not work out so well. Remember that Exchange happens to do email, but it really wants to be the center of your PIM world so it doesn't want to share your device either. Which brings up my second point--exchange is capable of providing POP3 or IMAP services, so if one of the hosts provides that option, you could hook up to the "main" exchange account then use IMAP for the second, for instance.


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