Hi there
I,m reading the book called "build ur own database drive web site with php and mysql 4th edition"
trying to install mysql database manually on my ubuntu system and here is what happens.

I downloaded mysql 5.1.40 and extracted it due to the guide in the book
made a shortcut to it named "mysql" as written also
added groups and user for the mysql like in the book
PHP Code:
root@machine:/usr/local/mysql# groupadd mysql
root@machine:/usr/local/mysql# useradd -g mysql mysql
root@machine:/usr/local/mysql# chown -R mysql .
root@machine:/usr/local/mysql# chgrp -R mysql . 
Then i have gone to mysql dir and tried to continue following the book instructions
PHP Code:
root@machine:/usr/local/mysql# scripts/mysql_install_db --user=mysql 
and here is my own terminal code for this last step:

PHP Code:
root@killer-desktop:/usr/local/mysql# scripts/mysql_install_db --user=mysql

FATAL ERRORCould not find mysqld

The following directories were searched


If you compiled from sourceyou need to run 'make install' to
copy the software into the correct location ready 
for operation.

you are using a binary releaseyou must either be at the top
level of the extracted archive
, or pass the --basedir option
pointing to that location

And i dont know what to do plz help me solve this problem i,m very new ubuntu user btw so plz try to be give me details as much as u can
and thanks in advance for ur help.