Hi everybody
I uploaded my web pages to my host, and when I viewed the source code via IE 6 on the net I noticed that a script has been added to all my pages.

<!-- BEGIN Popup Blocker -->
<script language='javascript'>
function NS_NullWindow(){this.window;}
function NS_NewOpen(url,nam,atr){return(new NS_NullWindow());}
<!-- END Popup Blocker -->

I did not add this script, it somehow was added to my pages automatically, by whom/what I do not know. Trying to locate and solve the problem, I uploaded a simple page that I prepared with my notepad, again with no popup blocker script, I uploaded it and verified it on the net. Still the popup script was added to it. I then downloaded from my host the same file, viewed it with the notepad and the file was exactly as I prepared it, no popup blocker script. Weird!!!

Has anybody experienced such a situation?
Does anybody know what causes the automatic addition of this script to my web pages?
Is there a way to stop this script from being added?

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

PS Here is the test page