sqlStr="SELECT users.userID,....cut and pasted from access sql view;"
connection sqlStr,con1,3,3
connection "queryName" ,con1,3,3
These two ways of drawing a recordset from an access database should
be identical, although the top way a bit faster.

I want to use the first way because I need to pass a parameter
to the WHERE clause from the asp page.

The problem is that the first way draws an error on the line where
the recordset is opened. And its an unspecified error- the worse kind!

Error Type:
Unspecified error
/matifone/mat_asp/personal.asp, line 39

Any ideas as to why an exact cut and pasted query that
works in access, and works when an asp page refers to
it by name, would not work when it is given as a parameter

Alternatively, is there a way of passing my parameter to
the query even though I am calling it by name in

Hope this is an interesting question to somebody.