I'm currently remaking the popular pageflip engine in AS3, but I'm having a bit of trouble with the actual page turning.

I've got all the basics, but it just isn't as good as pageflip. I've followed this pageHack tutorial which I totally understand and have implemented, and expanded on.

I'm mainly having trouble with allowing the corner of the page following the mouse, I have a feeling that I need to rethink the entire set up as the tutorial can't really be built on (it's limited to the effect it has).

However, before I do this I was wondering if anyone has made one of these before, and if you could maybe explain a bit of theory behind it? I should be able to do the code, it's just the best way to go about it that I'm a bit stuck with.

I know there is the excellent mighty pirates megazine, but their code gives me a headache, and I couldn't find the actual page flip part.

Here are my source files if you fancy a gander :


Thanks if anyone can help/shed some light!