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Thread: Large Database

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    Large Database

    I am a PHP developer used to mySql but I have to build an application, that can handle 40 million records which is about 6Gb of data. The application will hold personal contact data, that will be queried to find more targeted data like "Male, 30 years old, 40k income".

    I am fairly sure that mySql is not the best solution to this application and not even really sure about PHP either.

    Can anyone advise me on the best database for this much data and the best programming language to manage this. It just seems like so much data I would not know how to even import it.


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    PHP and MySQL would have no problem with that. MySQL is used by the largest sites in the world, and that's not a terribly large database. As long as you design the schema well, use indexes, and run it on sufficient hardware, you'll have no problems.

    I have MySQL databases with millions of records that are queried 50-100 times per second and they run fine on a single commodity server.


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