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    Selecting unique on multiple columns?

    So I have:
    - a publisher table (publisher_id)
    - a vendor table (vendor_id)
    - Items belonging to a vendor (item_id)

    I want to select (up to, if there is enough) a unique vendor id with a limit of 1 per publisher where the vendor table has a column (featured) set to 1...

    SELECT * FROM tblVendors
    WHERE featured = 1
    GROUP BY publisher_id, vendor_id

    Edit: Also, I DO want multiple vendor_ids who have a publisher_id of 0 or a non-matching publisher...

    That will still give me more than one of the same publisher_id if there are two different vendors under that publisher that are featured...

    Hope I made it clear enough... any ideas how I can accomplish this? - Need answers? Ask it online.
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    no idea how your vendor and publisher tables are related

    if you want to select a unique vendor, why not just select it by passing in the value of vendor_id for the vendor you want? | @rudydotca
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