Hey all!

I am completely oblivious to anything besides the basic html i learned in High School so bear with me. Im trying to find a way to take just one result from Dogpiles search spy page (just the text of what someone random searched for)and display turn that search into a google search, all this being automated by a button on a web page. Basically, it would be a button that would perform a random search in google.

Heres an example: I click the button on my page, the script goes to Dogpiles Search Spy (go to dogpiles website and then click on search spy) and and finds the first random search displayed, in this case lets say it was "Barack Obama's Hometown." The button would create and send me to a link that would be a google search for "barack obama hometown"........this is essentially a button to perform a random search of google based on someone elses search on dogpile!

Is this possible? I would be VERY grateful if someone could teach me their great ninja programming ways.

a laman,