Hi folks,
This is a new one to me and I'm looking for some direction. I've a client who wants to get live precious metal prices on his site, and the company that may provide the feed charges per hit (so many allowed per month at a set price). So each time the page refreshes, 5 hits are initiated (for gold, silver, sterling, platinum and palladium). The feed company suggested, since he only needs prices once per day, to set up a server side cache using the SOAP call and then feeding it to the page. That would result in only 5 hits per day.
Okay, sounds good, but I've never used SOAP or a server side cache before, and I'm assuming this info might be retrieved and then temporarily stored in Mysql or an XML file?
I'm hoping someone can point me to a tutorial or overview of how this system might work, give me some idea of the complexity. I'm a quick study, but there are gaps in my knowledge...
Thanks all,