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    Hide rest of the webpage except bookmarked content

    Hey friends,
    I have a page with lots of information points. I am using site search to reach the bookmarked content. Is it possible to hide the rest of the document while it displays the bookmarked content ?
    If you have any idea, please provide me code also if possible.


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    I'm not going to give you any code : ) but this kinda sounds like something IE8 has introduced, called Web Slices (google it). Mozilla is, as far as I can tell, planning on implementing the same thing.

    Basically you can take a chunk of your web site and let people bookmark just that chunk, as well as have their browser alert them when just that chunk has changed, kinda like an RSS feed. Web Slices are new and not all sites or browsers do them, but it's an idea to explore.

    Otherwise, you're going to be talking about server-side includes, and somehow making just an include (small chunk of code for the page) bookmarkable, which, I'm not sure how you would do that or if it's possible. I would think you could do it though. In the olden days, when you had different frames making up one page, each frame had its own url, and people could bookmark just one frame (if they could only find the address for it...). This actually because one of the problems with framed sites was that you couldn't bookmark them because the entire document would be wrapped up in this frameset and every page had the same address in the addressbar. But sniffing around lets you find the urls for the frames.

    So I imagine you could use SSI's in place of frames somehow.


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