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    Hello, trying to find the right words to explain my problem I realized that after all I've a synchronization problem, I guess! I've two databases starting with the same data but from monday they'll work on two separated subset of data with two different releases of the software and also two different databases (MySQL the old one and PostgreSQL, the customer felt more secure with PostgreSQL).
    After a period of about a month I need to merge the data of the databases back in a single db. To better explain let's say I've a table for support tickets that has already say 1000 records regarding the 300 stations. From Monday the system will collect the tickets for 20 stations while the other will collect the tickets for the remaining 280 stations. At the beginning of December I need merge the two databases. The real situation is far more complicated with about 90 tables and a lot of foreign keys.
    Do you have suggestions or links?
    Thank you.

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