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    Divine way of listing?

    I'm a PHP newbie. How can you tell? Well, I have this easy (stupid?) question for you...

    I have my MySQL database with a table with four fields. ID, field1, field2 and field3. Now I want to just list these fields in a nice HTML table. I'm trying to come up with a good while, do..while or for to do this. But my own tries generate so much code. There's got to be one divine way of doing this.

    What's the divine way?

    I could of course use my own code, but I feel that because I'm still a newbie it would be better to look at this super code and use it!

    Edit: my "bad" code
    Which, by the way, isn't working. My for loop works, but my echoes show only: Resource id #3, Resource id #4 and Resource id #3. Why is that?
    PHP Code:
    <table border=0 cellspacing=2 cellpadding=2 width=600>
        <td align=center width=200>
                <td align=center width=200>
                    <td align=center width=200>


    $table_variabel mysql_query("SELECT variabel FROM text WHERE ID = '$i'");
    $table_innehall mysql_query("SELECT innehall FROM text WHERE ID = '$i'");
    $table_innehall_flash mysql_query("SELECT innehall_flash FROM text WHERE ID = '$i'");

    for (
    $i 1$i <= 3$i++) {

            <td align=center>
            <?php echo $table_variabel ?>            
                <td align=center>
                <?php echo $table_innehall ?>            
                    <td align=center>
                    <?php echo $table_innehall_flash ?>            




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