Hi All,

I'm implementing the ferret search engine on my railspace project.
In my User and Info model, I have line that reads:

acts_as_ferret :fields => ['username', 'email']

This initially generates a find_by_contents which is added to the
community contoller:

@users = User. find_by_contents(query, :limit => :all)

THis returned a method error, and after some digging, it turns out
that the find_by_contents is now replaced with:

@users = User.find_with_ferret(query, :limit => :all)

HOWEVER..... With this in place, the book says the search should work.
But for some reason, I click search, and nothing is returned...
Has anyone else had this issue? and why is nothing been returned in
the browser?

I dont get any errors, and no results are displayed. Presumably if the searchable fields (defined by: acts_as_ferret :fields => ['username', 'email']) i'd expect this to work...

He'es the actual snippet from the controller:

def search

@title = "Search"
if params[:q]
query = params[:q]
# First find the user hits...
@users = User.find_with_ferret(query, :limit => :all)


Any ideas???